Time to Work, Time to Play

Time to Work, Time to Play

Oleh Tim AndrieWongso

You must work hard. Yet, you must also play hard. It is impossible to achieve greatly without some relaxation. After five days of work, enjoy two days of solitude and personal care.
There is always time to work. Always time to play. You can choose various types of hobby and relaxation, such as playing sports, listening to music, reading books, traveling, or simply enjoying parks and gardens.
Many people enjoy the solitude of fishing and gardening. These two hobbies allow the mind to rest and focus on one specific task that doesn’t require too much thinking or physical activity.
Sometimes you should choose physical activities too, if your work doesn’t involve such activities. Hiking and biking are inexpensive and healthy. Add these two activities to your exercise regimen.

May you be fruitful and relaxed.



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